Project Description

As a side project while working at PeopleScout, I took the initiative to redesign the outdated Springboard app user interface. Issues it had included:

  • Cramped, hard to read interface.
  • Very old design that was not up to date with current trends.
  • Poor use of available white space.

My Work

  • A complete UI design overhaul featuring modern rounded boxes, full use of available space and more clearly identifiable functions.
  • Balanced white space around all elements for ease of use and readability.
  • Use of large, clean, flat icons.
  • Rich use of the Springboard brand colours for greater visual appeal.
  • Modern, easy to read typography.
  • Complementary colours and variations used in each section to create a sense of a cohesive product and brand.


  • Completed the new UI design during March 2017.
  • Time spent: 1 week in my spare time.