Project Description

His N Her Deals required a new group buying website similar to Groupon to be designed and built, based on a heavily customised WordPress plugin. The site would be split down the centre to feature deals for men on the left and women on the right.

My Work

  • Designed and built a landing page website to build interest in the upcoming site.
  • Full UI design for the whole site, including significantly customising the plugin features to allow for the functionality the client wanted.
  • Dramatic deep blue and pink gradients were used throughout the site to clearly indicate the men/women divide.
  • Nested thick frosted glass borders give a sense of each item, deal or call to action on the site being a separate object.
  • Significant amounts of information were condensed in a small amount of space in a visually attractive interface.
  • Fully custom form UI elements were designed and coded to give a flawlessly branded user experience.
  • Coordinated a team of overseas developers to build the app.


  • Project was delivered in June 2012.
  • Time spent: 11 months.