Project Description

Handshake required a new reputation management web app to be conceived, tested and designed. My solution needed to:

  • Identify and solve a real market problem.
  • Feature a clean, easy to use interface based on user testing.
  • Have a strong sense of brand identity.

My Work

  • Full UX design, including user research, wire-framing, creating an interactive prototype in JustInMind, and user testing.
  • Refined the design and features to ensure clarity, a strong value proposition and ease of use.
  • Designed several branding options for the app.
  • Created a polished UI for all screens of the app using Sketch. Rounded boxes with significant white space and complimentary contrasting colours ensured that all key features were easy to identify.
  • Consistent design principles were created and used throughout, creating a well integrated and cohesive product.


  • Completed UX and UI design were delivered in Oct 2018.
  • The project has now been handed over to developers and is due to be completed in late 2019.
  • Time spent: 14 months.