Project Description

Skiggle Creative required a concept for a web app proposal for their client. The Gaawk app would track the volume and sentiment of articles on social media, and display this information visually rather than just via text or graphs. The time available for the project was 4 hours.

My Work

  • Conceived of a way to visually represent the number of social media comments on an article by showing summaries of the top articles scaled according to their social media comment count.
  • Designed an innovative tracker at the right which would grow in size as the comment count increased, and rise up or down depending on the quality of the sentiment (positive or negative).
  • Integrated the features into an attractive and cohesive interface.
  • Collaborated closely with the Skiggle Creative CEO during the design process, sharing ideas and implementing them as we spoke.


  • Project was delivered during November 2014.
  • Time spent: 4 hours.