Project Description

Cosmetic Choice had an existing directory web app for beauty and cosmetic surgery businesses. Their existing site was poorly built, outdated and did not offer a quality browsing or shopping experience. A new design was required which was modern, promoted more useful features, made businesses look great and was properly responsive/mobile friendly.

My Work

  • Reorganised the old site’s content into a new structure and added new features.
  • Designed a new modern flat UI based on the logo colours that was clean and well spaced.
  • Used balanced, consistent and proportional margins and spacing throughout, creating a more cohesive appearance.
  • Bands of high contrast draw the user’s attention to key features.
  • Fit a large number of features into a small amount of space on mobile without creating a cramped layout.
  • Numerous different page types were created for all of the different types of content and listings on the site.


  • Project was delivered in April 2017.
  • Time spent: 3 weeks.