Project Description

Botani Skincare required a new e-commerce website and branding, in line with it’s core values of integrity, purity and simplicity. This was to be a completely new redesign from their previous site. Key considerations included:

  • Olives and related tones were to be used throughout.
  • A lot of different types of content had to be organised and structured in an easy to understand manner: corporate links, product background links, store links and distributors.

My Work

  • A beautiful, clean layout consisting of horizontal bands with variations of olive tones.
  • Imagery and fonts were chosen that brought a sense of luxury and quality to the brand.
  • Significant and proportional white space was used to draw the eye to key content and frame it attractively.
  • Blurred background images give the impression of frosted glass panels. This was done before Apple made this trend fashionable in UI design.
  • Rich gradients create contrast with foreground elements and integrate the whole site together.


  • Completed the website design in early 2011.
  • Time spent: 1 month.