Portfolio – Case Studies

Esteem Medi Spa

Esteem Medi Spa is is a chain of Plastic Surgery clinics that required a large 100+ page website to be designed and built within 4 weeks. The new website needed to present the company as a high-end luxury brand, inspired by CHANEL and BVLGARI.


My Work

  • Full polished UI design, using conversion rate optimisation principles learned from past projects, with well placed calls-to-action to increase enquiries.

  • Created a visual style featuring elegant offset rectangles with significant white space and balanced margins.

  • An attractive “checkerboard” alternating squares layout was created for this project that maintains visual interest and presents content in a very clean, easily readable format.

Fitness First App

Fitness First required a new careers portal to be designed and built, powered by the PeopleScout SpringBoard recruitment application. The design needed to:

  • Seamlessly match the Fitness First branding style guide and main corporate website.

  • Include new Bootstrap features that did not exist in the standard Springboard template, such as a responsive slide-show, custom menu bar and footer, and icons that resized when moused over.

My Work

  • Design a new UI within the constraints of the SpringBoard template while also including all of the features and content the client requested.

  • Used bold stretches of colour, strong heading fonts and clean white space for an eye catching and easy to read design.

  • Coded the new UI in HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap.

SnogLog App

Skiggle Creative was a start-up that required a new FaceBook web app to be designed from scratch. SnogLog allows people to explore an interactive map of who’s kissed who, with comments on each ‘snog’ and the ability to tag others in snogs just like other FaceBook events.


My Work

  • Feature discovery, UX design including user research, wire-framing, user flows, basic prototyping, basic user testing and refinement.

  • Thorough design of all necessary features including privacy, block lists, notifications, searching, tagging and more.

  • Full UI design of all screens and states in the interface with pixel perfect precision, balance and integration. Creation of a distinctive, coherent aesthetic.

  • Several variations of the interface and branding style, all centred around a dynamic, fluid and beautiful node map.


AIRBUS required a new careers portal to be designed and built, powered by the PeopleScout SpringBoard recruitment application. The design needed to:

  • Match the new AIRBUS branding guidelines, including strong gradients of colour.

  • Include new Bootstrap features to the standard Springboard template, such a boxed layout, and video links that would open within a modal pop-up.

My Work

  • Design a new UI within the constraints of the SpringBoard template while also including all of the features and content the client requested.

  • Coded the new UI in HTML, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap.

Cosmetic Choice App

Cosmetic Choice had an existing directory web app for beauty and cosmetic surgery businesses. Their existing site was poorly built, outdated and did not offer a quality browsing or shopping experience. A new design was required which was modern, promoted more useful features, made businesses look great and was properly responsive/mobile friendly.


My Work

  • Reorganised the old site’s content into a new more user-friendly structure and added new features.

  • Designed a new modern flat UI based on the logo colours that was clean and well spaced. Used balanced, consistent and proportional margins and spacing throughout, creating a more cohesive appearance.

  • Fit a large number of features into a small amount of space on mobile without creating a cramped layout.

HandShake App

Handshake required a new reputation management web app to be conceived, tested and designed. My solution needed to:

  • Identify and solve a real market problem.
  • Feature a clean, easy to use interface based on user testing.

  • Have a strong sense of brand identity.

My Work

  • Full UX design, including user research, wire-framing, creating an interactive prototype in JustInMind, and user testing.

  • Refined the design to bring clarity, a strong value proposition and ease of use.

  • Created a polished UI for all screens of the app using Sketch. Rounded boxes with significant white space and complimentary and contrasting colours ensured that all key features were easy to identify.

Botani Skincare

Botani Skincare required a new e-commerce website and branding, in line with their core values of integrity, purity and simplicity. Many types of content had to be reorganised in an easy to understand manner: corporate links, product background links, store links and distributors.


My Work

  • Beautiful, clean layouts with horizontal bands and variations of olive tones. Rich gradients create contrast with foreground elements and integrate the whole site together. Imagery and fonts chosen to bring a sense of luxury and quality to the brand.

  • Significant and proportional white space was used to draw the eye to key content and frame it attractively.

  • Blurred background images give the impression of frosted glass panels. This was done before Apple made this trend fashionable in UI design.

AgeWell Clinic

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre created a new anti-aging brand called AgeWell Clinic. They required a new responsive WordPress e-commerce website to promote their clinic’s services, generate enquiries, and sell products.

My Work

  • Created a new branding style that communicated a clean clinical feel and stability, using shades of blue, white and silver.

  • Chose an appropriate template, Avada, as a foundation for the site, and designed all key sections and banners based on this template.

  • Significantly customised and styled the template to match the designs and branding using CSS.


ASIC required an updated careers portal to be designed and built for their graduate program. This site was powered by the PeopleScout Springboard recruitment platform in the back end.


My Work

  • My work involved converting ASIC’s content into the modern SpringBoard template design.

  • Built the site using standard SpringBoard template features to be visually clean and easy to use.

GAAWK Analytics App

Skiggle Creative required a concept for a web app proposal for their client. The Gaawk app would track the volume and sentiment of articles on social media, and display this information visually rather than just via text or graphs. The time available for the project was 4 hours.

My Work

  • Conceived of a way to visually represent the number of social media comments on an article by showing summaries of the top articles scaled according to their social media comment count.

  • Designed an innovative tracker at the right which would grow in size as the comment count increased, and rise up or down depending on the quality of the sentiment (positive or negative).

  • Integrated the features into an attractive and cohesive interface.

SpringBoard App

As a side project while working at PeopleScout, I took the initiative to redesign the outdated Springboard app user interface. Issues it had included:

  • Cramped, hard to read interface.

  • Very old design that was not up to date with current trends.

  • Poor use of available white space.

My Work

  • A complete UI design overhaul featuring modern rounded boxes, full use of available space, more clearly identifiable functions and balanced white space around all elements for ease of use and readability.

  • Use of large, clean, flat icons and modern, easy to read typography.

  • Richer, more visually appealing use of the Springboard brand colours. Complementary colours and variations used in each section to tie the product and brand together more effectively.

His N Her Deals App

His N Her Deals required a new group buying website similar to Groupon to be designed and built, based on a heavily customised WordPress plugin. The site would be split down the centre to feature deals for men on the left and women on the right.

My Work

  • Full UI design for the whole app, including significantly customising the group buying plugin features to allow for the functionality the client wanted.

  • Dramatic deep blue and pink gradients were used throughout the site to clearly indicate the men/women divide.

  • Significant amounts of information were condensed in a small amount of space in a visually attractive interface.

  • Fully custom form UI elements were designed and coded to give a flawlessly branded user experience.

  • Project managed a team of overseas developers to build the app.

GLAM Beauty Bar

Glam Beauty Bar required a new e-commerce website, branding and printed materials to be designed. The re-brand was to use black and white imagery and colours throughout.

My Work

  • Designed all pages of the website and stationery using bands of black/white with clean white space, thick borders and balanced margins.

  • The template was styled to match the branding and site designs using CSS.

  • Minimalist, well structured stationery was designed to complement the website.

Defining Education

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre created a Registered Training Organisation called Defining Education to train practitioners in delivering laser and beauty treatments. The new website was to list all courses, practitioners and services, and enable students to book seats in courses and purchase products.

My Work

  • Designed all pages of the website using white, cyan and complimentary magenta colours. Thin strips of colour and gradients were used to tie the brand and interface together.

  • Found a well supported WordPress template and plugin system that included all necessary features. Customised the template to match the new branding and site designs using CSS.


Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre required a new WordPress website and newsletter template to promote their services and generate more enquiries than their existing website. The new website was to appear glamorous and luxurious, and present their brand as a premium choice.

My Work

  • My new design increased conversions by over 40%.

  • A different banner image/contact form strip featured at the top of every page to drive enquiries.

  • Gold, silver, black and white were chosen to communicate premium quality. High end cosmetic product packaging was used as a reference.

  • Online booking was integrated into the website.